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We are dedicated to serving our community by providing a safe, low-impact, way to exercise and have a lot of FUN... SALSA DANCE LESSONS! Our students enjoy all of the perks of getting a great workout along with the fun and self-confidence that comes with learning one of the most popular dances in the World, SALSA!!!  As seen on various TV shows, Salsa has captured the attention, and imagination of people of all ages. Thanks to your continued support, our membership is growing at a steady pace. We welcome you with open arms, great footwork and beautiful turn patterns. Please inquire today about how to attend the next class.  Thank you for visiting, and see you on the dance floor!
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(830) 660-5308
E.C. City Salsa
Friday 7- 8 p.m. New Braunfels at Illusion Dance Studio
Saturday 4-6 p.m. San Antonio at Azuca
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